LT-1000 – Supreme Master Automotive Lock Out Kit


LT-1000 – Supreme Master Automotive Lock Out Kit



The Supreme Master Auto Lock Out Tool Kit contains 18 pieces and is the ultimate product available today to handle emergency lock outs. This kit is packaged in a custom heavy duty blow molded carrying case with vinyl inserts, and includes a fully illustrated instruction manual.

Includes Components:

LT-40 S-Hook 1
LT-80A Slim Jim 1
LT-95 Slide Jim 1
LT-99 GM Tool 1
LT-100 Plastic Slip Jim 1
LT-101 Trip Jim 1
LT-105 Big Jim 1
LT-106 Gas Cap Pick 1
LT108 Lock Tech Tool 1
LT-110 New Long Jim 1
LT-112 Chrysler Tool 1
LT-113 Window Guard Separator 1
LT-114 J-Tool 1
LT-116 Peg Leg Tool 1
LT-120 Porsche Tool 1
LT271 Plastic Wedge 2
LT275 Inflate-A-WedgeTM 1
LT1000-CASE Supreme Master Case 1