LT1940-1/2 – 1/2″ Kentucky Kicker Shockit Driver Kit

LT1940-1/2 KIT
LT1940-1/2 S and L
LT1940 Expanded Graphic
LT1940 In Use with Ratchet

LT1940-1/2 – 1/2″ Kentucky Kicker Shockit Driver Kit


•Apply air hammer vibration and torque to any impact socket
•Utilize air hammer and punch to access inaccessible fasteners
•Remove most stubborn nuts and bolts by repetitive hammering
•Hyper sonic vibration eliminates thread galling
•Angled non turning punches kept from slipping by indexed holes
•Square drive plug allows breaker bar and air hammer simultaneous operation
•Punches sold separately: short 5.5″ – LT1910PS, standard 11″ – LT1910P, long 22″ – LT1910PL
•Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects only
•Patent #7,677,143

Includes Components:

LT1940-1/2-S 1/2″ Short Throw Shockit Driver
LT1940-1/2-L 1/2″ Long Throw Shockit Driver
LT1940DP-1/2 1/2″ Drive Plug
LT1940DPBB-1/2 1/2″ Drive Plug Breaker Bar