LT2510, LT-2520, & LT-2530 E-Z Loader Magazine Lug Nut Sockets



The E-Z Loader is a magazine loading impact socket for multiple lug nut removal.  The E-Z Loader removes up to 5 lug nuts at the wheel work site and allows the mechanic to release all of the lug nuts at once.  No more rolling or lost lug nuts and wasted motion.  The E-Z Loader also adjusts type 9, 12, and 16 cubic inch air chambers that are equipped with 1/2″ 20 threaded rod and 3/4″ nut.  A real time saver.  A “MUST” tool for tire shops, brake shops, and locations with high volume wheel removal.

Available in 3 sizes:

LT2510 3/4″, 19mm
LT-2520 21mm
LT-2530 13/16″