LT465 – 12mm & 14mm Wheel Hanger Guides



Wheel Hanger Guides slide into wheel lug nut holes without using threads aiding technicians during wheel mounting. Saves time – no threads, no turning wheel guides to install and remove. Works on Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mini Cooper, SAAB, and Volvo vehicles. Wheel Hanger Guides support wheel/tire so technician can easily thread lug nut bolts into brake rotor. Each kit includes one 12mm and one 14mm Wheel Hanger Guide. Easily slides in and out of rotor holes without using threads. Must have for removing wheels. Helps prevent scratches on expensive wheels. Made of durable bulletproof polycarbonate plastic.  Purchase a LT465 kit for the price of one steel hanger pin.

Includes Components:

LT465-12 12mm Wheel Hanger Stud
LT465-14 14mm Wheel Hanger Stud