4996 Line Art

LT4996 – 17 Piece Foreign and Domestic Brake Caliper Socket Kit



Increase applications for most domestic as well as foreign vehicle brake calipers. Most car brake caliper bit/sockets when you need them.  Packaged in a custom blow molded case. The LT4996 upgrades and replaces the LT4995 effective 7/1/2020. Individual parts for LT4995 are available as needed.
Includes Components:

1/4″ Drive Bits
LT4995-H9X20 9mm x 20mm Stubby Bit Socket C
3/8″ Drive Bits
LT4995-H11X100 11mm x 100mm Bit Socket A
LT4995-H7X92 7mm x 92mm Bit Socket B
LT4995-H7X65 7mm x 65mm Bit Socket D
LT4995-H8X24 8mm x 24mm Stubby Bit Socket E
LT4995-H7X24 7mm x 24mm Stubby Bit Socket F
LT4995-H9X50 9mm x 50mm Bit Socket G
1/2″ Drive Bit
LT4996-BIT 10MM Pentagon Bit Socket 10mm H
1/2″ Drive Socket
LT4996-PENT 10MM Pentagon 10mm Brake Caliper Socket J
LT4996-10PT 20MM 10 Point 20mm Brake Caliper Socket K
LT4996-PENT 12.5MM Pentagon 12.5mm Brake Caliper Socket L
LT4996-10PT 15MM 10 Point 15mm Brake Caliper Socket M
LT4996-PENT 14MM Pentagon 14mm Brake Caliper Socket N
LT4996-PENT 19MM Pentagon 19mm Brake Caliper Socket P
LT4996-7PT 7 Point Brake Caliper Socket Q
LT4995-AS22 AS22 x 48mm Brake Socket I
LT4995-11.5X50 10 Point 11.5mm x 50mm Brake Socket O
LT4996 CASE LT4996 Case